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Welcome to Imedra

Imedra Healthcare supplies and distributes pharmaceutical and healthcare products, maintaining its base of operations in Sri Lanka, with a range of suppliers across the globe.

Our Products Category

We are the sole distributors of some of the most sought-after pharmaceutical and
healthcare-related products in Sri Lanka. Click through for our products in the following


What Makes Us Stand Out

Imedra Healthcare comes with the backing of its parent NMI group of Companies and our experience in the local market gives us an edge.
We consider the following aspects of our business our core strengths:



Our extensive network of suppliers cover a lot of ground, from the United States to Bangladesh, Italy to China. We use these channels to import high-quality products to the Sri Lankan market, where we use our distribution network to sell our products in every district. What makes this all possible is optimising relationships with our partners worldwide.



We believe in continuous growth and to improve our quality of service and to increase our product range with the objective to improve the standard of living of Sri Lankans through our products. We seek opportunities to improve our supply and distribution networks as well as to improve and expand our relationships with our business partners worldwide with the goal of being the best provider of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the country.


We engage with stakeholders throughout our industry with events and activities that support their work.

  • SLENDO – Endocrine Congress Sri Lanka 2019 as a Diamond sponsor.

  • Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine 2019 as a Gold sponsor.

  • Colombo Medical Congress 2020.

  • Participated in all provincial clinical society annual events.


Awarded as No. 1 distributor in 2019 at the Annual Sales Conference 2019 hosted by NIPRO JMI Pharma, Bangadesh.