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About Us

Imedra Healthcare (Pvt.) Ltd was established in 2017 to fill several gaps in the Sri Lankan market in terms of state-of-the-art pharmaceutical and healthcare products with the goal of improving the quality of life of Sri Lankans. Our product range includes pharmaceuticals, supplements and vitamins, personal protective equipment (PPE), surgical items, and beauty and skincare products.

Imedra Healthcare is proud to be the first company to introduce Empagliflozin – a drug used to treat Type 2 Diabetes – under the brand name “Empa”, produced by NIPRO JMI Pharma, a Japanese joint venture with Bangladesh. Empa quickly became the most trusted and prescribed brand in the market by 2019.

Imedra is the first to introduce a Microwave Tumour Ablation procedure in Sri Lanka in 2017, which has since helped patients fight several forms of cancer.

Imedra Healthcare takes pride in its strengths of building valuable partnerships within the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries. Our distribution network exceeds 2,500 outlets, including pharmacies, medical institutions, and the State Pharmaceutical Corporation. We are also in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka to achieve our goal of creating a healthier society in the country.

Our Strengths

An island-wide distribution network of more than 2,500 outlets including pharmacies, medical institutions, and the State Pharmaceutical CorporationThe continuous service rendered towards the betterment of our consumers’ lives fuels us as a team to keep delivering exceptional results

Our Team at IMEDRA

More than anything else, we value our dedicated and motivated members of staff who allow us to reach the heights to which we aspire. Our team know that the focus is always on providing care at the highest standards possible and this desire and drive guide us towards excellence,

Our Certifications